Proven expertise in public relations. Strong know-how in media relations.

Founded more than twenty years ago by Laurent Guyot, the Laurent Guyot & Co agency has been providing expertise in media relations offering a full range of professional services in celebrity marketing, strategic influence and prescription to brands and companies in search for responsiveness and efficiency.

Media relations

Strategic advice, tactical media approach, follow-up… Our media influence department (PR, ePr, Digital) offers our clients specifically tailored services based on our close ties to journalists, influencers and prescribers and unparalleled expertise in digital media strategies.

Many brands and event agencies have already been seduced by this approach which provides them or the clients they represent with solutions for long-term strategies or one-off projects.

Lifestyle, high tech, food/gastronomy, merchandising, licences, entertainment, mobile apps, but also start-ups of the new economy… Here are some examples of the areas the Laurent Guyot & Co agency focuses on.

“Defining the right message, activating the right levers, finding the right timing in this era of immediacy… these are the daily challenges faced by the agency’s Press Relations and Social Media department whether they work with brands or young and innovative start-ups. This is an exciting mission facilitated by a highly skilled team mostly composed of PR expert consultants. Organized around two complementary departments, the agency offers their clients an approach that is highly singular and relevant to the market, in particular for all brands and companies in quest for responsiveness and efficiency.” Laurent Guyot, founder of the agency.

Depending on the needs, our team can also rely on the resources and networks of influence developed by our Public Relations department, networks that are constantly updated and renewed.


​Public relations

At Laurent Guyot & Co, the Public Relations department works in collaboration with some of the most iconic brands and agencies for their clients, across various sectors: luxury industry, beauty industry, wine & spirits, automotive sector, high tech, tourism and hospitality…

Laurent Guyot & Co makes sure that every client of the Public Relations department is associated with celebrities and influencers who best match their target audiences. Thus, raising the interest of these audiences allows securing mediatisation both during (digital and viral) and after the event (press, TV, radio…).

Beyond the private events, the agency also focuses on developing influence strategies with trendsetting targets such as instagramers, digital influencers, twittos… to build a digital visibility that is more vital and complementary to the traditional media than ever.

Experience sharing and other targeting strategies complement Laurent Guyot & Co’s portfolio of public relations services.